The platform for plug-and-play confidential data services

Deploying dapps with programmable privacy made easy

With Obscura, you can efficiently build and deploy applications on privacy-focussed networks. Our infrastructure, specialised for confidential data services, allows you to spend more time on creative solutions rather than on the foundational and tedious matters.

No hassle running infrastructure

Simply connect to your preferred programmable privacy network and Obscura will do the heavy lifting.

Easy Confidential access to data

Obscura enables you to access data securely and confidentially, whether it is public or private.

Focus on what matters

By using Obscura’s plug-and-play building blocks you can focus on building new features and better user experience.

Faster time to market

Go faster using Obscura’s confidential data services and leave your competition eating dust.

We connect you to the world's leading programmable privacy networks

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RPC endpoints

Obscura provides reliable and seamless communication between your decentralised applications and the leading programmable privacy networks.

Advanced APIs

Obscura provides powerful and advanced APIs on top of our RPCs designed for efficiency, robustness, and simplicity.


Our oracles fetch and verify data from various off-chain sources and provide a reliable data feed to enhance functionality and usability of your dApp.

Obscura is used by front-runner BUILDERS AND PARTNERS driving the privacy ecosystem forward

Build the next generation of private dapps with Obscura

Build with privacy